A Guide to Golden Teacher Mushrooms

The Golden Teacher mushroom is a strain of Psilocybe cubensis that started gaining popularity in the 80s. Golden Teacher is known for its unique golden caps, which inspired its name. Golden Teacher is also famous for its psychedelic effects, which have been described as transformational and euphoric.

Golden Teacher is also famous for being easy to grow. Compared to other strains, Golden Teacher requires little attention and specific temperature settings to thrive. This mushroom is also resistant to contamination.


The exact origins of the Golden Teacher strain are unknown and widely debated. However, it is agreed that Golden Teacher gained popularity in the 1980s. There are schools of thought pointing to North America as the origin of the Golden Teacher Cubensis strain. According to the perspective, Golden Teacher was initially discovered in Georgia or Cuba. A species of the Golden Teacher mushroom was reportedly found in Florida.


The Golden Teacher features a unique appearance: this mushroom is much larger than other strains. This mushroom also has an elegant look. Golden Teacher has golden caps dotted with yellow. This mushroom can grow up to 3 inches in diameter. The gills of Golden Teacher come in different colors, including brown, white, and purple-brown.


Like other Cubensis strains, Golden Teacher’s primary psychoactive compound is psilocybin. The psychoactive effects of this mushroom start to take effect after 30-60 minutes. The effects can sometimes kick in between 10-20 minutes.


The effects of the Golden Teacher mushroom have been described as filled with visual effects, including enhanced colors and moving geometric patterns. Golden Teacher is also famous for its spiritual and reflective trips. These trips are so insightful that this strain is called ”teacher.”

The effects of Golden Teacher mushrooms don’t last as long as other psilocybin strains. The psychedelic effects of Golden Teacher only last for two hours, although very intense.

Golden Teacher mushroom is considered an ideal choice for people new to psychedelic mushrooms because of its relatively mild effects. Compared to other Psilocybin Cubensis strains like Penis Envy, Golden Teacher’s psychoactive effects are not as potent.


Unlike other strains that grow on manure, the Golden Teacher mushroom strain thrives on grain-based substrates. With proper information and tools, anyone can grow Golden Teacher mushrooms.


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